Holy Cannoli Day is April 9th at Carieras!

Free Cannoli’s for every customer on April 9th. The blessing begins at 5PM so get there early!  Below is the legend of the Holy Cannoli-


Easter was always a time of reverence and celebration for the people in the small village of Carini, Sicily (north of Palermo). Since there was so little money to spare the people donated food gifts to the local Church. One Easter Sunday, around the turn of the century, the Cariera family donated a big basket of homemade cannoli’s to the parish. The Priest was so overwhelmed when they presented the tasty gifts he exclaimed “Holy Cannoli, what great tasting cannolis!!”

The priest then blessed the abundance of food and decided to have a picnic the day after Easter to celebrate and share these delicious treats with the good people of Carini. From that day on, the Monday after Easter became Holy Cannoli Day.

The Cariera family brought this unique tradition from the Old Country to the United States. Come and celebrate with us and enjoy our homemade Italian food.


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